Roy McEwen Born 31 July 1944
Started playing drums as a school boy in 1957
Joined the Caledonian Pipe Band and worked with pop bands” The Rising Sons” and “Down to Earth” and in Pietermaritzburg from 1963.
Moved to Durban in the late sixties and worked with pianists Ian Wells and Carol Flack at various venues including the Killarney and the Oyster box hotels with bassist John Corlett and singer Pat Steele.
1970s and 80s. Worked with the Johnny Williams sextet at various venues. Did 10 years at the Edward Causerie with pianists Noel Bothma, Evan Roberts, Gerry Fitzgerald, Susan Barry and singers Judy Victor and Belinda Dolphin. Also a year at the Top of the Royal with Gerry Fitzgerald and Belinda Dolphin. Bass players included Willy Ellison, Marc Dube?, Peter Bosse, John Corlett, Peter Martin and Trish Bailey.
1990s worked at the Oyster box with pianist Barry Edwards and singer Bobby Minter and also at the Beverly Hills Hotel with the Johnny Williams quartet.
2000 worked with “No Strings Attached” Gerald Sloan on guitar, Graham Saville on vibes and Monks Leggitt on bass.
2013 After a travel break joined “Beat route”